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Prepare for Hurricane Irma, but don’t panic!

Don’t Panic! I see a lot of panic around town. Yes, it is a powerful storm! But, don’t panic! Prepare calmly. There is still 4 days till the hurricane gets here. Anything can happen in the meantime. It can completely bypass us! It can veer towards north. Or, in the worst case scenario, it can go through Florida! People are hoarding on gas. They
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Spring Camp starts tomorrow!!!

Spring Camp 2017: Footprints Spring Camp starts tomorrow and runs till Friday, March 24, 2017.. If you have not called (561)395-5044 to register your child, please do it right away before 6 PM today. If you register before 6 PM today, we will waive the registration fee. Exciting field trips and shows have been planned for the Spring Camp. Please call (561)395-5044 and register
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TS Dorian expected to fall apart!

Forecasters predict that the Thunderstorm Dorian will fall apart because of strong wind shear and dry air. Here is the forecast map courtesy of Sun Sentinel:   The projected path of Dorian has further shifted south and so Florida seems to be out of its way. So, it is now aiming at Cuba and then Gulf of Mexico. When Dorian reaches Puerto Rico, it
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Hurricane Sandy Update – 10/25/12 8PM

Hurricane Sandy hits Bahamas. Wind is going to pick up tonight in South Florida. Worst weather will be on Thursday night Friday morning.  More information can be found in: Sun Sentinel Hurricane Sandy