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MERS virus spreads in Saudi Arabia!

As the MERS virus spreads more in Saudi Arabia, the death toll has reached over 280, and the Saudi Health Minister has fired another health official.   The above picture is courtesy of Reuters. There are now 575 known people infected with the deadly virus in Saudi Arabia and the virus is spreading all over the world as the people infected with the virus
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MERS death toll reaches 157 in Saudi Arabia

MERS death toll has reached 157 in Saudi Arabia, Sun Sentinel reports. There are 511 patients in Saudi Arabia who are inflicted with the MERS virus.   5/18/2014 Sun Sentinel reports that the Indian man with MERS virus passes it to an Illinois man. An initial diagnosis on the Illinois man came back negative on May 5th, but subsequent tests confirmed that the Illinois
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Facts about the MERS Virus

MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) started in Saudi Arabia. There are two known cases of the MERS syndrome in the USA (one in Indiana and another in Orlando, Florida).     Although, MERS is not highly infectitious, more than 300 has been affected by this disease in Saudi Arabia and 54 had died so for. The problem is, a MERS patient can travel to
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