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Hurricane Irma – Update

Hurricane Irma: We are waiting and watching Irma and although it has shifted west, we can still expect hurricane force winds starting tonight. Footprints Academy will be closed on Monday When it is safe to go, we will go to Footprints and assess the situation. If there is electricity, water and not much damage, we are planning to open Footprints Academy ASAP. We will
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Prepare for Hurricane Irma, but don’t panic!

Don’t Panic! I see a lot of panic around town. Yes, it is a powerful storm! But, don’t panic! Prepare calmly. There is still 4 days till the hurricane gets here. Anything can happen in the meantime. It can completely bypass us! It can veer towards north. Or, in the worst case scenario, it can go through Florida! People are hoarding on gas. They
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Hurricane Irma!

Hurricane Irma: 9/5/17 12:20 PM: Latest tracking shows Palm Beach County in the cone of Hurricane Irma : 9/4/17 8:41AM: South Florida threat increases as the Hurricane Irma shifts South. Tracking map courtesy of Miami Herald: 9/3/17 1 PM: Latest models show the eye of the storm near the Bahamas: 9/2/17 7 PM Tracking Map (courtesy of PB Post): 9/1/17 8:30 PM Latest Hurricane
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