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Prepare for Hurricane Irma, but don’t panic!

Don’t Panic! I see a lot of panic around town. Yes, it is a powerful storm! But, don’t panic! Prepare calmly. There is still 4 days till the hurricane gets here. Anything can happen in the meantime. It can completely bypass us! It can veer towards north. Or, in the worst case scenario, it can go through Florida! People are hoarding on gas. They
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2015 Hurricane Forecast!!!

2015 Hurricane Forecast! A less than normal hurricane season has been predicted for South Florida! El Nino is helping South Florida again with a less than normal season for hurricane.       William Gray  and Philip Klotzbach, scientists from Colorado State University have predicted 7 total storms for 2015, of which 3 are hurricanes. One of the hurricanes can be intensive according to
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Tropical Storm Dorian forms in the Eastern Atlantic

Tropical Storm Dorian has formed in the Eastern Atlantic and it is centered about 410 miles west-south west of Cape Verde islands. It is still far away from Florida coasts. Please continue to visit our website for updates on TS Darian. From the forecast map, it looks like that it will be near the Florida coasts by mid to end of next week.  
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