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Footprints Academy VPK Program!

VPK: Our VPK program for kids aged 4 will start on August 14, 2017. Here are some of the highlights of our program: we have small class rooms; so your child will get the individual attention he or she deserves we will work one on one with your child to better prepare them for Elementary schools we don’t cram the class with too many
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VPK Program for kids aged 4 for 2017-18

VPK program: Palm Beach county schools open on August 14, 2017 after Summer Vacation. Our VPK classes also starts on August 14, 2017. We do a great job in preparing your children for Elementary Schools. Our students are well trained and do great job when they make the transition to Elementary Schools.  Our Teachers work one on one on the students to prepare them
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Did you enroll your child in VPK?

Did you enroll? Do you know that the first three hours of the VPK is free? The state of Florida pays for the first 3 hours of the VPK class. If you are working and need full day of care at our school, we charge just an extra $90. The tuition includes a helathy breakfast, hot lunch and an afternoon snack. If you have
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