Prepare for Hurricane Irma, but don’t panic!

Don’t Panic!

I see a lot of panic around town. Yes, it is a powerful storm! But, don’t panic! Prepare calmly. There is still 4 days till the hurricane gets here. Anything can happen in the meantime. It can completely bypass us! It can veer towards north. Or, in the worst case scenario, it can go through Florida!

People are hoarding on gas. They need to think about others too and when they are at the gas station, they need to fill up the gas and leave fast so that others also will get a chance to fill up. Bringing so many cans and taking too long at the pump is greediness and selfishness!

Please think about others! Don’t hoard on water and gas! Others needs them too! Don’t be too selfish! Act like human beings in this time of need!

TV and Newspaper have to prepare the people for the Hurricane Irma. They don’t want the people to be lax. So, sometimes, they exaggerate things. But, there is no need to panic! Anything can happen in the next 4 days. Let us all pray to god that it does not do any harm to us!


Hurricane Irma!

Hurricane Irma:

9/5/17 12:20 PM:

Latest tracking shows Palm Beach County in the cone of Hurricane Irma


9/4/17 8:41AM:

South Florida threat increases as the Hurricane Irma shifts South. Tracking map courtesy of Miami Herald:

9/3/17 1 PM:

Latest models show the eye of the storm near the Bahamas:

Hurricane Irma

9/2/17 7 PM Tracking Map (courtesy of PB Post):

9/1/17 8:30 PM Latest Hurricane Irma map courtesy of PB Post:

It shows that the hurricane is going to make the North/NW turn on Wednesday. Still not sure where it is going to make the land fall


August 31, 2017

They predicted a very busy hurricane season and so for they have been right. Close on the heels of Harvey, Hurricane Irma is ready to strike the mainland soon!

The forecast models are very uncertain about the path Irma will take. Every thing looks very uncertain except that Irma is going to be a very powerful hurricane (probably Category 4).

We will keep you posted about the new developments regarding Irma.

Forecast map courtesy of the Palmbeach Post!


Heavy rain to continue!!

Heavy rain to continue!

Palm Beach county will experience heavy rain today afternoon into Saturday morning, the weather service reported. After the overnight rain, the skies cleared in the morning and there was a little bit of sun shine today morning.

But, it has become cloudy again and more rain is expected in the afternoon. According to the weather service, we are going to have rain till the middle of next week and the rain is not going away any time soon!

Already, a lot of areas have been soaked with a lot of water and flooding can be expected any time soon in some areas. When flooding starts in some areas, the PB county school board will determine if the schools will be open next week.

To get the latest news from the school board, please visit: Palm Beach County School District!


August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse:

We have decided not to pick up the after school students from J.C Mitchell, Somerset and Boca Elementary schools on Monday. The parents have the following options:

  • You can leave the kids at Footprints in the morning
  • You can pick up the kids at the above schools by around 12:30 PM and drop them off at Footprints

The eclipse starts at 1:17 PM and ends at 4:20 PM. During this time, the kids will stay inside the school.

You can pick up your kids between these times from Footprints, but you are doing this at your own risk. They suggest not to look at the Sun during the above times with a naked eye. One needs special glasses to look at the Sun during the eclipse.

Picking up your kids:

So, if you come to Footprints during 1:17 PM to 4:20 PM, you are doing this at your own risk, and we are not responsible for anything that happens.

While the kids are inside, we are going to make sure they don’t look outside and all the blinds will be down to insure that the kids are safe.

Your kids safety are our utmost concern. We have made this decision with the safety of your kids on our mind

Footprints Academy After School Program!

After School Program:

Summer vacation is almost over and the Palm Beach County schools start on August 14, 2017.

We pick up kids from the following Elementary schools in Boca Raton:

  • J.C.Mitchell Elementary School
  • Boca Raton Elementary School
  • Addison Mizner Elementary School

The following are the after school children activities:

  • we pick up the kids at 2 PM and bring them over to Footprints Academy
  • they eat an afternoon snack and milk/juice
  • Teachers help your kids with their home work
  • After finishing home work, the children go the play ground for half hour
  • after coming inside, they either continue their school work or play any indoor games

Please call us today at (561)395-5044 to enroll your child in our after school program!



Footprints Academy VPK Program!


Our VPK program for kids aged 4 will start on August 14, 2017. Here are some of the highlights of our program:

  • we have small class rooms; so your child will get the individual attention he or she deserves
  • we will work one on one with your child to better prepare them for Elementary schools
  • we don’t cram the class with too many kids
  • we really care about your child and not your wallet!
  • the owners are always present to make sure your child learns everything they should know
  • Our kids out perform other kids when they go to Elementary schools!
  • we want to make a difference in the lives of your child!

Please call (561)395-5044 today to enroll your child in the VPK program!