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Kissimmee Child Protection Investigator arrested for child neglect!

A florida child protection investigator was arrested for keeping her children aged 6 to 17 in a filthy, roach infected home and also in possession of marijuana and growing marijuana plants inside the home, Sun Sentinel reports.


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The sheriff’s office found 8 grams of marijuana and 26 marijuana plants inside the home. Also, the home was extremely filthy with roaches, spiders and fleas all over the home. Urine smell was coming from several rooms as well as rotten food was found in several places. The DCF workers name is Donawa and she was  hired by the DCF in May and was still undergoing training.

She was fired by DCF on Friday, a DCF spokesperson said. DCF is in charge of protecting the children of Florida. If a DCF worker behaves like this, what can one expect from the general public? The question on everyone’s mind is, how come DCF hire a person like this? They did not do any background check on her to make sure she is fit to work at DCF?

These are very troubling questions that the DCF must answer. If a child gets a small scratch while it was in a preschool, DCF investigates the school so thoroughly. We get grilled for hours to find out how that happened, who was watching the child, what was the Director doing, etc.



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