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Facts about the MERS Virus

MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) started in Saudi Arabia. There are two known cases of the MERS syndrome in the USA (one in Indiana and another in Orlando, Florida).




Although, MERS is not highly infectitious, more than 300 has been affected by this disease in Saudi Arabia and 54 had died so for. The problem is, a MERS patient can travel to another country and can spread the disease to other people.


MERS  virus


  • cough, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
  • pneumonia
  • high fever (over 38°C or 100.4°F)

It is still not clear how it spread to others, but the common belief is close contact with MERS affected patient can cause to spread.

Two healthcare workers at a Florida Hospital exposed to a MERS patient are showing signs of the symptoms, Huffington Post reports. The patient before arriving at Orlando stopped at Boston’s Logan Airport and Boston authorities say that there is no chance anybody contracted the disease from the patient, when he stopped at Logan airport. The two helathcare workers have tested negative for the virus.

It is still not certain they have the virus. More information can be found on this link: Huffington Post

Palm Beach Post reports that 20 healthcare workers in Orlando are being watched for the MERS symptoms.

Please visit the following website to get more information:


The following is another source for more information on MERS:


It is not clear how the disease started, but it is believed to have come from camels and bats in the middle east.


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