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Hurricane Irma!

Hurricane Irma: 9/5/17 12:20 PM: Latest tracking shows Palm Beach County in the cone of Hurricane Irma : 9/4/17 8:41AM: South Florida threat increases as the Hurricane Irma shifts South. Tracking map courtesy of Miami Herald: 9/3/17 1 PM: Latest models show the eye of the storm near the Bahamas: 9/2/17 7 PM Tracking Map (courtesy of PB Post): 9/1/17 8:30 PM Latest Hurricane
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Heavy rain to continue!!

Heavy rain to continue! Palm Beach county will experience heavy rain today afternoon into Saturday morning, the weather service reported. After the overnight rain, the skies cleared in the morning and there was a little bit of sun shine today morning. But, it has become cloudy again and more rain is expected in the afternoon. According to the weather service, we are going to
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Marijuana for Autism?

Marijuana cures Autism? Clinical trials in Israel have showed that marijuana works wonders on children with autism. This is great news for so many children who are affected by autism through out the world and their parents who care for them. Specifically, cannabidiol or CBD extracted from marijuana works wonders on young people affected by marijuana.  According to CDC, 1 in 68 children in
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Multistate Outbreak of Listeriosis from Soft Raw Milk Cheese

Multistate Outbreak of Listeriosis Soft Raw Milk Cheese made by Vulto Creamery has been behind the outbreak of Listeriosis in multiple states.     Listeriosis Symptoms? Listeria can cause fever and diarrhea. Listeria on pregnant women can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, premature delivery, etc. Treatment Listeria can be treated with antibiotics. Please consult your Doctor. Vulto Creamery has now recalled all lots of the following
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MUMPS outbreak

MUMPS outbreak in the US: There has been several reported cases of MUMPS in the US. Pennstate MUMPS outbreak! 2 confirmed MUMPS cases in GW University What is MUMPS? It is a viral infection that is highly contagious. Symptoms: Fever, Headache, muscle ache, loss of appetite, etc. Swelling of one or both salivary glands in the face. Vaccines It is preventable by Vaccines. MMR
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Tornado warning in East Boca 1/15/16

Tornado warning! There is a tornado warning in East Boca till 2:30 PM. We (Footprints) are fine. All the kids are fine. Please visit this site to get updates on the tornado! After School parents: 2:30 PM: JC Mitchell has not released the kids yet. They won’t till 2;30PM or later depending on the  weather conditions. 3:13PM: Tornado warning has ended. We picked up
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