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We are open year round. Monday through Friday 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Our Philosophy

The staff and administration’s goal at Footprints Academy is to provide every child that attends our school, regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status or religious orientation, a safe, loving, educational and nurturing environment.

We are especially aware of our role in shaping the minds of children; thus, the growth and development of children are of high priority in what we do.

At Footprints Academy, we find several aspects important towards creating a successful educational environment: treat students with respect, speak to students intelligently, come to class prepared, keep our classroom clean and well ordered, and above all, be loving and consistent with the children. As educators, we have the power to make these first years of a child’s life the cornerstone of all future educational experiences; here, we believe that this power is a privilege and must be handled with great care and respect for the betterment of the children.


Our centers do not equate discipline with punishment. Our goal is to provide a safe, loving and structured environment in order to cultivate self control in children.

Being disciplined should never lower a child’s self esteem; rather, it should teach a child the tools needed to work through a situation in the appropriate manner. We believe that positive reinforcement and a gentle manner help to develop self control.

Discipline reports are sent home for children who do not respond with self control and who become disruptive on a regular basis. These reports are designed to create a flow of communication between the parent and staff, in an effort to correct the negative behavior, Footprints Academy does not allow teachers to place children under 3 on timeout. We use only positive redirection techniques to discipline children.


Our center believes nutrition is a significant factor in the growth and development of children. We believe a well fed child is a happy child. We make sure that every meal that a child eats is nutritionally balanced and approved by U.S. Department of Agriculture. At our school, parents will not have to worry about packing lunches and snacks for their children in their busy morning schedule. Every child in our center is encouraged to participate in our food program. We do respect the religious beliefs and food allergies and provide substitute lunch or snack for those children. We serve breakfast till 9 AM. Remember, the food we provide is at no cost to you.


Our programs are designed to stimulate your child at every stage of development. Our qualified staff is fully aware of the need to provide an environment which will encourage learning. Our staff uses the Creative Curriculum and the Florida School Readiness Performance Standards when preparing developmentally appropriate lesson plan every week for the children.

The seven major domains of learning are:

1) Emergent Literacy
2) Cognitive Development
3) Approaches to Learning
4) Social and Emotional Development
5) Language and Communication
6) Physical and Health
7) Motor Development.

Weekly lesson plans are prepared and posted for parent viewing. Our first priority is in making your child feel that learning is fun.

We are also committed to the inclusion program.

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