Nov. 5, 2017, Daylight Savings time ends!

Daylight savings time!

On Nov. 5, 2017 (Sunday), the daylight savings time will end. What this means is the clock will be turned back 1 hour on Nov. 5, 2017 at 2:00 AM.

Sunrise and Sunset will be 1 hour earlier, starting on Nov. 5, 2017. If you normally wake up at 8 AM, it will be actually 7 AM starting on 11/5/17. So, you get to sleep for 1 more hour.

Evenings will start to get darker starting Nov. 5, 2017 and when you wake up in the morning it won’t be dark like now!

Holiday’s are here! Gift suggestions!

Gift for the holidays!

The holidays are coming soon! You are wondering what gift to give to your loved ones?

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Custom Made Unique Gifts!

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Custom Made Unique Gifts!


Palm Beach schools open 9/18/17

Schools open Monday!

Palm Beach County school district announced that the schools will be open on Monday, 9/18/17.

Schools have been closed since September 14, 2017. Now the school district is looking for ways to make up for the lost days.

For more information, please visit,

Palm Beach County school district


Footprints Academy will reopen on 9/14/17

Footprints open tomorrow:

Footprints will reopen tomorrow (Thursday, 9/14/17). We were waiting for the landline, and landline phone started working today. We got the permission from PB County Health Department to open the school tomorrow.

Please call (561)395-5044 for more information.

Hurricane Irma – Update

Hurricane Irma:

We are waiting and watching Irma and although it has shifted west, we can still expect hurricane force winds starting tonight.

Footprints Academy will be closed on Monday

When it is safe to go, we will go to Footprints and assess the situation. If there is electricity, water and not much damage, we are planning to open Footprints Academy ASAP. We will make an announcement through our website regarding this. We still need to get the OK from Palm Beach County Health Department, if everything is fine.

We hope you are all safe and hope to see you all next week at Footprints!

Latest tracking map of Hurricane Irma:


Note: Palm Beach county has imposed a curfew starting today! They can arrest any one who does not comply!

Prepare for Hurricane Irma, but don’t panic!

Don’t Panic!

I see a lot of panic around town. Yes, it is a powerful storm! But, don’t panic! Prepare calmly. There is still 4 days till the hurricane gets here. Anything can happen in the meantime. It can completely bypass us! It can veer towards north. Or, in the worst case scenario, it can go through Florida!

People are hoarding on gas. They need to think about others too and when they are at the gas station, they need to fill up the gas and leave fast so that others also will get a chance to fill up. Bringing so many cans and taking too long at the pump is greediness and selfishness!

Please think about others! Don’t hoard on water and gas! Others needs them too! Don’t be too selfish! Act like human beings in this time of need!

TV and Newspaper have to prepare the people for the Hurricane Irma. They don’t want the people to be lax. So, sometimes, they exaggerate things. But, there is no need to panic! Anything can happen in the next 4 days. Let us all pray to god that it does not do any harm to us!